Physoderma menyanthis (de Bary) de Bary, 1874

Chytridiomycota, Physodermataceae

op Menyanthes

on Menyanthes

gal: tot 1.5 mm grote, eerst witte of rode, tenslotte bruine blaasjes op de bladstelen, in mindere mate de bladen.

gall: up to 1.5 mm large, first white or reddish, eventually brown pustules on the petioles, to a lesser extent the leaves.

waardplanten: Menyanthidaceae, monofaag

hostplants: Menyanthidaceae, monophagous

Menyanthes trifoliata.

synoniemen: Cladochytrium menyanthis (de Bary) de Bary, 1897.

synonyms: Cladochytrium menyanthis (de Bary) de Bary, 1897.



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