Cacopsylla mali (Schmidberger, 1836)

Hemiptera, Psyllidae

op Malus, Pyrus

on Malus, Pyrus

gal: bladschijf met kleine putjes aan de onderzijde, en corresponderende, vaak roodgekleurde of verbruinde, bultjes aan de bovenzijde. In elke holte één platte larve, die veel honingdauw produceert. De larve is uniform heldergroen

gall: the leaf disc with small depressions at the underside, and corresponding tiny bulges, often coloured red or browned, at the upperside. In each cavity one flat larva that produces a large amount of honeydew. The lrva is uniformly bright green.

waardplanten: Rosaceae, nauw oligofaag

hostplants: Rosaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Malus domestica, pumila, sylvestrus; Pyrus communis.

Incidenteel op Cydonia (Buhr).

Occasionally on Cydonia (Buhr).

synoniemen: Psylla mali.

synonyms: Psylla mali.



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