Xeranthemum, everlasting, immortelle

fam. Asteraceae

1a the larva lives in a transportable case and makes fleck mines: Coleophora onopordiella

1b the larva, a maggot, lives within the plant and makes lower- or upper-surface galleries => 2

1c galls, etc => 100

2a gallery pinnately branched, main axis on top of the midrib; pupation external: Liriomyza strigata

2b galley hardly branched, not determined by the midrib; pupation internal in a, usually lower-surface, pupal chamber: Chromatomyia cf syngenesiae

100a Nematoda => 101

100b Acari => 102

100c Coleoptera => 103

100e Diptera => 104

100f Hemiptera => 105

100d Hymenoptera => 106

100g rust fungi => 107

100h smut fungi => 108

100i powdery and downy mildews => 109

100j other causers => 110

107 – rust fungi

107a Pucciniaceae: Puccinia xeranthemi

109 – powdery and downy mildews

109a Erysiphaceae: Golovinomyces montagnei

109b Peronosporaceae: Bremia lactucae

110 – other causers

110a Fungi, Albuginaceae: Pustula obtusata


pub 5.i.2017 ยท mod 7.viii.2017