Colutea, bladder senna

fam. Fabaceae

1a fleck mine: Coleophora colutella

1b gallery => 2

1c galls, etc => 100

2a corridor from start to end, winding freely through the leaflet; frass in a broad green central band, with tiny black grains at either side: Liriomyza congesta

2b corridor along the leaflet margin, widening into a large blotch; frass in lumps or thread fragments: Phytoliriomyza variegata

100a Nematoda => 101

100b Acari => 102

100c Coleoptera => 103

100e Diptera => 104

100f Hemiptera => 105

100d Hymenoptera => 106

100g rust fungi => 107

100h smut fungi => 108

100i powdery and downy mildews => 109

100j other causers => 110

104 – Diptera

104a Cecidomyiidae: Contarinia pulchripes

105 – Hemiptera

105a Aphididae: Pemphigus vesicarius

105b Diaspididae: Chionaspis salicis

107 – rust fungi

107a Pucciniaceae: Uromyces caraganae, lereddei

109 – powdery and downy mildews

109a Erysiphaceae: Erysiphe palczewskii, pseudoacaciae trifoliorum

110 – other causers

110a Bacteria, Rhizobiaceae: Rhizobium leguminosarum

Klimesch (1950a) reports mines from northern Italy of “Stomopteryx cincticulella”; this may refer to Syncopacma cincticulella or S. vinella.