Rosa, rose

fam. Rosaceae

1a small blotch with a round excision: Incurvaria masculella

1b blotch or tentiform mine: Coptotriche angusticollella

1c corridor, more or less widened towards the end => 2

1d fleck mine => 6

1e galls, etc. => 100

2a mine upper-surface, greenish in transparancy; in the first part of the corridor frass in two rows; no egg shell at the begin; larva a maggot: Agromyza idaeiana

2b mine full depth, whitish in transparancy; frass in a central line; at the start of the corridor an egg shell; larva with chitinised head => 3

3a first section of the mine strongly contorted; larva lies venter-upwards in the mine => 4

3b gallery weakly contorted or not at all; larve venter-downwards => 5

4a gallery gradually widening into an elongate blotch; larva with dark head; lowland species: Ectoedemia angulifasciella

4b gallery narrow, abruptly widening into a roundish blotch; larva with pale brown head; mountain species: Ectoedemia rosae

5a first part of the corridor entirely filled with green frass: Stigmella anomalella

5b first part of the corridor with the frass in a narrow, black, central line, leaving clear margins at either side: Stigmella centifoliella

6a spatulate or tubular leaf case: Coleophora gryphipennella

6b lobe case => 7

7a case brown; mouth angle 0°-10°: Coleophora violacea

7b case mostly whitish; mouth angle 30°-50°: Coleophora potentillae

100a Nematoda => 101

100b Acari => 102

100c Coleoptera => 103

100e Diptera => 104

100f Hemiptera => 105

100d Hymenoptera => 106

100g rust fungi => 107

100h smut fungi => 108

100i powdery and downy mildews => 109

100j other causers => 110

101 – Nematoda

101a Meloidogynidae: Meloidogyne hapla

103 – Coleoptera

103a Buprestidae: Agrilus cuprescens

103b Curculionidae: Anthonomus rubi

105 – Hemiptera

105a Aphididae: Longicaudus trirhodus

105b Diaspidae: Chionaspis salicis

109 – powdery and downy mildews

109a Erysiphaceae: Podosphaera pannosa

109a Peronosporaceae: Peronospora sparsa

110 – other causers

110a Fungi, Coniothyriaceae: Coniothyrium wernsdorffiae

110b Fungi, Elsinoaceae: Elsinoe rosarum

110c Fungi, Gnomoniaceae: Apiognomonia errabunda

110d Fungi, Helotiales: Diplocarpon rosae

110e Plantae, Santalaceae: Viscum album:

Not included in the key: Ectoedemia rosae; Apterona gracilis; Fenusa ewaldi; Stigmella rolandi, spinosissimae.