Fraxinus, ash

fam. Oleaceae

1a corridor, in the end often widening into a blotch => 2

1b blotch from the start: Gracillaria syringella

1c fleck mine: Coleophora badiipennella

1d galls, etc => 100

2a mine upper-surface, rarely lower-surface => 3

2b mine full depth, very transparant: Prays fraxinella

3a min epidermal, silvery; frass in central line; larva, with evident head and feet, later lives free in a leaf roll: Caloptilia cuculipennella

3b min deeper, not silvery; frass in grains or rods at either side of the gallery; larva, a maggot, mines all its life => 4

4a gallery broad at its start; frass in grains; primary and secondary feeding lines conspicuous: Aulagromyza heringii

4b gallery narrow at its start; frass in rods; no conspicuous feeding lines: Aulagromyza fraxini

100a Nematoda => 101

100b Acari => 102

100c Coleoptera => 103

100e Diptera => 104

100f Hemiptera => 105

100d Hymenoptera => 106

100g rust fungi => 107

100h smut fungi => 108

100i powdery and downy mildews => 109

100j other causers => 110

101 – Nematoda

101a Meloidogynidae: Meloidogyne ardenensis

103 – Coleoptera

103a Curculionidae: Lignyodes bischoffi

105 – Hemiptera

105a Aphididae: Prociphilus bumeliae, fraxini

105b Diaspididae: Chionaspis salicis

105c Psyllidae: Psyllopsis discrepans, distinguenda, dobreanuae, fraxini, fraxinicola, machinosus, meliphila, repens

109 – powdery and downy mildews

109a Erysiphaceae: Erysiphe syringae; Phyllactinia fraxini

110 – other causers

110a Bacteria, Agrobacteriaceae: Agrobacterium tumefaciens

110b Bacteria, Pseudomonadaceae: Pseudomonas savastanoi pv fraxini

110c Fungi, Capnodiales: Cladosporium fraxinicola

110d Fungi, Gnomoniaceae: Apiognomonia errabunda

110e Fungi, Nectriaceae: Neonectria galligena

110f Fungi, Synchytriaceae: Synchytrium aureum

110g Odonata, Lestidae: Lestes viridis

110h Plantae, Santalaceae: Viscum album

small corridor in the fruits: Prays ruficeps.

Not included in the key: Coleophora trigeminella (xenofagy); Ectoedemia obtusa; Gracillaria loriolella.