Lasioptera eryngii (Vallot, 1829)

on Eryngium

Lasioptera eryngii: gall on Eryngium spec.

Eryngium spec., Griekenland, Meteora, Kastraki ©
Cor Zonneveld

Lasioptera eryngii: gall on Eryngium spec.


Lasioptera eryngii: protruding exuvia

empty pupal skins are protruding from the gall; als grey spots are visible that probably are preformatted exit openings.

Lasioptera eryngii: gall on Eryngium maritimum

Eryngium maritimum, France, Corsica, Borgo © Stéphane Claerebout

Lasioptera eryngii: larvae in mycelium mass

larvae in their mycelium bed

Lasioptera eryngii: larva

larva, ventral


Plurilocular swellings of stem, petioles and major veins; wall of the chambers lined with mycelium. Larvae orange. Bivoltine; hibernation and pupation within the gall.


Apiaceae, monophagous

Eryngium amethystinum, campestre, maritimum.


Thomasiella eryngii.


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