Clinodiplosis cilicrus (Kieffer, 1889)

Diptera, Cecidomyiidae

Clinodiplosis cilicrus: larvae

old gall of Thecaphora saponaria on Saponaria officinalis, Belgium, prov. Namur, Etang de Virelles; det. M. Skuhravá © Sébastien Carbonelle

Clinodiplosis cilicrus: first stage larvae

old gall of Pediaspis aceria, Denemarken © Simon Haarder: first stage larvae

Clinodiplosis cilicrus: first stage larva

the larva bears consicuously long setae


Carpodiplosis papaveris Kjellander, 1945; Clinodiplosis betonicae Kieffer, 1909; sorbicola Rübsaamen, 1917; dahliae Kieffer, 1904; hydrangeae Barnes, 1944; impatientis Kieffer, 1901; lathyri Rübsaamen, 1917; pisicola Barnes, 1928; rosiperda (Rübsaamen, 1892), sarothamni Kieffer, 1902.


The larvae of this species are often encountered in old galls, but also in failed flower heads and other dead and decaying plant material. The larva can best be described as phytosaprophagous, and does not play a role in gall induction.


Lestodiplosis parricida.


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