Drisina glutinosa Giard, 1893

on Acer

Drisina glutinosa gall

Acer pseudoplatanus, Belgium, Saint-Servais, Asty-Moulin; © Jean-Yves Baugnée

Drisina glutinosa gall


Drisina glutinosa larva

underside, with larva

Drisina glutinosa: galls on Acer pseudoplatanus

Acer pseudoplatanus, Biddinghuizen, Spijk- en Bremerbergbos © Hans Jonkman: old gall, upper side

Drisina glutinosa: galls on Acer pseudoplatanus


Drisina glutinosa: gall on Acer pseudoplatanus

Acer pseudolatanus, Harderbos © Hans Jonkman

Drisina glutinosa: gall on Acer pseudoplatanus

same galls, underside


Larva white, solitary, in a drop of liquid, in a single generation per year (may); hibernation as larva in the soil. Vacated galls turn brown and dry and fall out of the leaf.


Sapindaceae, monophagous

Acer monspessulanum, opalus & subsp. obtusatum, platanoides, pseudoplatanus.

Gagné only refers to A. pseudoplatanus, which indeed seems the most importnt hostplant.


Massalongia aceris Rübsaamen, 1921.


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