Anoecia corni (Fabricius, 1775)

on Cornus

Anoecia corni: apterae on Cotnus sanguinea

Cornus sanguinea, Hungary, Budapest © László Érsek

Anoecia corni: apterae on Cotnus sanguinea

on a young inflorescence

Anoecia corni: apterae on Cotnus sanguinea

it looks as if the siphunculi are missing

Anoeica corni: alatae and larvae on Cornus sanguinea

Cornus sannguinea, Flevoland, Reve-Abbertbos © Hans Jonkmans: alatae and young larvae


leaf curl caused by aphids. The full grown apterae are dark brownish grey, 2-3 mm, not wax-powedered; siphunculi as a field of pores. Alatae dorsally with a brown or black spot and a conspicuously large pterostigma. Attended by ants.

primary hostplants

Cornaceae, monophagous

Cornus alba, mas, sanguinea.

on grasses


aphids on the roots

secondary hostplants

Poaceae, oligophagous

Agrostis; Brachypodium; Calamagrostis; Cynosurus; Dactylis; Holcus.


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