Ceruraphis eriophori (Walker, 1848)

on Viburnum, primary host plant

Ceruraphis eriophori: galling on Viburnum lantana

Viburnum lantana, Hungary, Budapest © László Érsek

Ceruraphis eriophori on Viburnum lantana, ant visit

ant visit

Ceruraphis eriophori fundatrix on Viburnum lantana

fundatrix and larvae

Ceruraphis eriophori on Viburnum lantana

two alata

Ceruraphis eriophori on Viburnum lantana: parthenogenesis

birth of a larva

Ceruraphis eriophori: host plant

Viburnum lantana, Duitsland, Eiffel, Heimbach © Arnold Grosscurt

Ceruraphis eriophori: galled leaves

galled leaves

Ceruraphis eriophori: colony


Ceruraphis eriophori on Viburnum lantata

Viburnum lantana, Belgium, prov. Namur, Viroinval, Nismes; © Stéphane Claerebout


strong curling and bunching of the leaves.


Adoxaceae, monophagous

Viburnum lantana, opulus.

on graminoids, secondary host plant


Cyperacae, Juncaceae, Typhaceae; polyphagous

Carex; Cyperus; Eriophorum vaginatum; Luzula “nemorosa”; Typha angustifolia, latifolia.


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