Unaspis euonymi (Comstock, 1881)

mainly on Euonymus

Unaspis euonymi: galls on Euonymus europaeus

Euonymus europaeeus, France, dép. Nord, Zuydcote © Sébastien Carbonelle

Unaspis euonymi: males on Euonymus europaeus

male specimens


Female scales are relatively larve, dull-brown and cup-shaped; the sit mainly on the branches. Males are much smaller and occur mainly at the underside of leaves; they are covered by en elongated white shield that his three length-ridges.


Buxaceae, Celastraceae, polyphagous

Euonymus europaeus, japonicus; Pachysandra.

Also, but much less frequently, on other woody plants; Euonymus japonicus is the most important host plant by far.


Native in SE Asia; currently a pest species in North America, and an invasive in Europe.


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