Pontania bridgmanii (Cameron, 1883)

Hyemnoptera, Tenthredinidae

on Salix

Pontania bridgmanii: gall on Salix cinerea

Salix cinerea, Rheeze; © Arnold Grosscurt

Pontania bridgmanii: gall on Salix cinerea


Pontania bridgmanii: gall on Salix caprea

Salix caprea, Biddinghuizen, Spijk- en Bremerbergbos © Hans Jonkman: the underside of the gall can be strongly hairy

Pontania bridgmanii: galls on Salix atrocinerea

Salix atrocinerea (= S. cinerea subsp. oleifolia), France, Brittany, Dinard, Bois Joli © Patrick Le Mao

Pontania bridgmanii gall

Salix cinerea, Oostvoorne

Pontania bridgmanii gall

same gall, cut open

Pontania bridgmanii larva



Generally several, bean-shaped gall on a leaf, usually not touching the midrib. The gall is smooth or more or less pubescent, the colour is only rarely reddish. The wall is hard and thick, but is almost entirely consumed by the developing larva.


Salicaceae, narrowly monophagous

Salix aurita, caprea, cinerea & subsp. oleifolia, silesiaca.


Euphranta toxoneura.


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