Acalyptris minimella (Rebel, 1926)

Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae

Acalyptris minimella: mine on Pistacia lentiscus

Pistacia lentiscus, France, Corsica, Belgodère, plage de Lozari © Stéphane Claerebout

Acalyptris minimella: mine on Pistacia lentiscus

same mine, detail

Acalyptris minimella: mine on Pistacia lentiscus

another mine

Acalyptris minimella mine

Pistacia lentiscus, Spain, Sierra de Grazalema; from van Nieukerken (2007a)

Acalyptris minimella mineAcalyptris minimella mine


Acalyptris minimella mines

Pistacia lenticus, Rhodes; from Klimesch (1978b)


Egg on leaf upperside, usually close to a vein. The mine begins as an extremely narrow, rather straight corridor, filled with frass, often following the margin of the leaflet or the midrib. Well over half of the lenght of the mine the corridor gradually widens and begins to zigzag more or less; frass here coiled or in discrete grains, about 2/3 of the corridor width. Pupation outside the mine, exit slit in upper epidermis.

Leaflets with completed mines usually discolouring and easily falling off (van Nieukerken, 2007a).


Anacardiaceae, narrowly monophagous

Pistacia lentiscus.

Only once found on Pistacia terebinthus (Gibraltar) (van Nieukerken ao, 2004a) .


More than one generation per year (van Nieukerken, 2007a).

distribution within Europe

Western Mediterranean, from Gibraltar to (roughly) northern Greece (van Niekerken, 2007a).




Weberina, Niepeltia lentiscella Groschke, 1944; Trifurcula minimella.


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