Gymnosporangium sabinae (Dickson) Winter, 1884

on Pyrus

Gymnosporangium sabinae: spermogonia on Pyrus pyraster

Pyrus pyraster, Belgium, prov. Namue, Couvin (Frasnes), Carrière des Grosses Haies: spermogonia © Stéphane Claerebout

Gymnosporangium sabinae: spermogonia on Pyrus pyraster


Gymnosporangium sabinae: spermogonia on Pyrus pyraster

the underside of the leaf is clearly galled here

Gymnosporangium fuscum

Pyrus communis, Elburg © Arnold Grosscurt

Gymnosporangium fuscum

underside of leaf with aecia


in spring epiphyllous pustular spermogonia. Later large orange coloured hypophyllous gallings develop, with up to 2 cm high aecia, openng by a number of lateral slits.

spermogonia, aecia

Rosaceae, monophagous

Pyrus betulifolia, communis & subsp. pyraster, elaeagnifolia, nivalis, orientalis, pashia, pyrifolia, regelii, salicifolia, spinosa, syriaca.

on Juniperus


only telia, on swellings of the branches, ± conical, up to 2 mm high, yellowish brown when moist. Teliospores in two forms: hyaline, thin-walled, stout, and brown, thick-walled, slender; spores apically conical. They measure 20-30 x 38-40 µm; esch of the two cells with 2 germimnation pores close to the separation wall.


Cupressaceae, noarrowly monophagous

Juniperus chinensis, excelsa, oxycedrus, phoenicea, sabina, thurifera, virginiana.


Gymnosporangium fuscum de Candolle, 1905; Roestelia cancellata Rebentisch, 1804.


On pear very common, striking, and damaging.


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