Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Puccinia athamantina parasite

…blackish brown, ultimately naked, pulverulent. Teliospores short-elliptic, two-celled, hardly constricted; wall thick with a dense pattern of deep pits; pedicel thin, ± hyaline, about as long as the spore. hostplants Apiaceae, narrowly oligophagous Athamanta cretensis, turbith & subsp. hungarica, vestina; Carum graecum (= Athamanta verticillata). synonyms Both the a href=””>Index…

Cynaeda gigantea parasite

…within Europe At one side France and Switzerland, at the other from Hungary and Romania to Crete (Fauna Europaea, 2010). larva A picture on shows a full grown, almost black, larva. synonyms Cynaeda mendicalis Lattin, 1951. references Hering (1957a), Kravchenko, Poltavsky, Segerer, ao (2020a), Scalercio, Ienco & Greco (2019a)….

Cucullia celsiae parasite

Cucullia celsiae Herrich-Schäffer, 1850 on Scutellaria parasite Larvae freely on the inflorescence. host plants Lamiaceae, monophagous Scutellaria albida, columnae, cypria, rupestris subsp. parnassica. distribution within Europe PESI (2021). egg, larva, pupa see Lepidoptera and their ecology ( synonyms Calocucullia celsiae. references Kravchenko, Fibiger, Muller & Ronkay (2005a)….

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2001 Willem Ellis started a website on leafminers in Europa. Determination of species through dichotomous tables. The site is in both English and Dutch and generously provided with images. de site is coded with HTML using TextWrangler hosting is provided by XS4ALL on the URL 2003 links are maintained…