Plantparasieten van Europa

bladmineerders, gallen en schimmels

Errata Plant Galls of Europe

The following table contains errata to Plant Galls of Europe by J.C. Roskam. The list will grow over time, and is maintained by the author of the book.

pageerratumnotedate of erratum
vRadmilla Petanović and H. P. Korisnik, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade (gall mites) >> Radmila Petanović, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Serbia (gall mites)2019-09-02
xxviiAmong the aphids, Hydaphis foeniculi, …
Kiefferia pimpinellae >> Kiefferia pericarpiicola
0008pseudobtusus >> pseudoobtusus; negundiella >> negundella2020-01-15
0028whit >> white2020-01-15
0046Puccinia nitida Barclay >> Puccinia nitida (Strauss) Barclay2020-01-15
0052l6c: Oscinella agropyri Mesnil >> Oscinella agropyri Balachovsky & Mesnil2020-01-15
0108Puccinia nitida Barclay >> Puccinia nitida (Strauss) Barclay2020-01-15
023236(34) …. 36 >> 36a(34)….36b2020-01-15
0332Sorauere >> Sorauer2020-01-15
033716b: latrellei (Kieffer) >> lichtensteini (Mayr)2019-11-25
039642b: Urophora eriolepidis (H. Loew) [= Euribia eriolepidis] >> Urophora terebrans (H. Loew) [= U. eriolepidis]2019-11-25
0422Puccinia nitida Barclay >> Puccinia nitida (Strauss) Barclay2020-01-15
0538Acanthococcus devoniensis >> Rhizococcus devoniensis (Green) 2019-07-28
0627(Ascom.) Taphrinales – Taphrina betulina Rostrup
[= T. lagerheimii, lapponica, turgida, willeana] >> (Basidiom.) Pucciniales – Puccinia lagerheimii Lindroth
(drop synonyms)2019-11-15
06359b >> 39b2020-01-15
0658 P. polygoni, Latter .. >> P. polygoni. Latter ..2020-01-15
0701Puccinia hieracii (Röhling) H. von Martius >> Puccinia hieracii (Röhling) H. von Martius2020-01-15
0879HB. 4115.
(Acar.) Eriophyoidea, Pear leaf margin gall mite – Eriophyes malimarginemtorquens Liro [= Eriophyes malimarginemtorquens] >> (Acar.) Eriophyoidea, Pear leaf margin gall mite – Epitrimerus malimarginemtorquens (Liro) [= Eriophyes malimarginemtorquens]
0996Puccinia nitida Barclay >> Puccinia nitida (Strauss) Barclay2020-01-15
1081 Puccinia hieracii >> Puccinia hieracii2020-01-15
1082 Dotichiza >> Dothichiza2020-01-15
1106 Variously shaped malformations of catkin: midrib… >> Variously shaped malformations of catkin: rachis…2020-01-15
1168 Stenolechia gemella >> Stenolechia gemmella2020-01-15
1172 Asterodiaspis minus >> Asterodiaspis minor2020-01-15
1179singe >> single2020-01-15
1189Synergus ruficornis >> Synergus ruficornis Hartig2020-01-15
121127a: Q. petraea, pubescens, pyrenaica, robur and other deciduous oaks. Q. rubra [= borealis], rubra var. maxima [= maxima], canariensis, lusitanica [= fruticosa] >>
Q. petraea, pubescens, pyrenaica, robur, rubra [= borealis], rubra var. maxima [= maxima], canariensis, lusitanica [= fruticosa] and other deciduous oaks
12183c >> 3b2020-01-15
1219 Phylloxera foaae >> Phylloxera foaealso in index2020-01-15
1232Andricus senckendorffi >> Andricus seckendorffialso in index2020-01-15
1238Andricus quercusfolii >> Cynips quercusfoliialso in index2020-01-15
124110c >> 10e2020-01-15
12648a Delete second [G]2020-01-15
126813d >> 13c2020-01-15
1286Aecidium ranunculacearum de Candolle >> Uromyces dactylidis G.H. Otth. 2019-07-28
1287Aecidium ficariae >> Uromyces ficariae (Schumacher) Léveillé 2019-07-28
13313c >> 3d; 3d >> 3e; 3e >> 3f2020-01-15
1333chamberedA single >> chambered. A single2020-01-15
133522a: Arge enodis (Linnaeus) >> Arge nigripes (Retzius)2020-01-15
141017b: …different host plant-specific species of Pontania >> …different host plant-specific species of Euura (= Pontania)2020-01-15
1427HB. 6152 add: (syn.) Nematus puella Thomsonis correct in index2019-07-28
1462Puccinia nitida Barclay >> Puccinia nitida (Strauss) Barclay2020-01-15
1507Puccinia nitida Barclay >> Puccinia nitida (Strauss) Barclay2020-01-15
1626last line: vitelline >> vitellina2020-01-15
06595c: Delete: RS fig. 11412020-01-15
166011a: 1945’Heijerman, 1993; >> 1945; Heijerman, 1993;2020-01-15
0365Jaapiella chelidonii: delete Haarder et al., 20162020-05-02
16595c: delete RSfig. 1141.2020-05-02
12285b: helosiadii >> helosciadii2020-05-02
025913c: Sitodiplosis >> Stenodiplosis2020-05-02
032310b: Hannnnover >> Hannover2020-05-02
10414b: scale-covered froth-covered >> scale-covered2020-05-02
10425c: macrocarpus >> macrosporus2020-05-02
104621b: saxifragae >> saxifrage2020-05-02
109956b: italic >> italica2020-05-02
xxviAnethumm >> Anethum2020-07-07
01285b. helosiadii >> helosciadii2020-07-07
034230e. Isocolus phaeopapucii >> Isocolus phaeopappucii2020-07-07
o364364 second lead 3c >> 3d2020-07-07
03653d >> 3e2020-07-07
04067b. cirrhos >> cirrhosa2020-07-07
02017c. A. caryophyllea >> A. sativa2020-07-07
02446c. A. elatius >> B. pinnatum, sylvaticum2020-07-07
05041c A. caryophyllea >> D. sanguinalis2020-07-07
07195c. A. caryophyllea >> Hordelymus europaeus; Hordeum bulbosum, vulgare subsp. distichon2020-07-07
05351b. Sporisorium montaniese >> Sporisorium montaniense2020-07-07
06905a. floccose >> floccosa2020-07-07
0904Melissa, 1a Contarinia >> Meloidogyne2020-07-07
09103a. Galls caused by aphids >> Galls caused by aphids→ 52020-07-07
09602b. Rhizobium lupine >> Rhizobium lupini2020-07-07
1012Delete lead 4d2020-07-07
10173b dyakonchukae >> diakontschukae2020-07-07
1150150. (incl. Monesa >> incl. Moneses2020-07-07
10733a. Entyloma lapponia >> Entyloma lapponicum2020-07-07
119244c Andricus lichtensteini >> Isocolus lichtensteini2020-07-07
1305Rhaponticum 1b. Aceria acroptilioni >> Aceria acroptiloni2020-07-07
13672b. C. fontanum ssp. vulgare >> S. procumbens2020-07-07
1451first line. (Dipt.) Cecidomyiidae – Dasineura andrieuxi (Tavares) [= Carphotricha andrieuxi] >> (Dipt.) Tephritidae – Dithryca guttulosa (F. Löw) [= Carphotricha andrieuxi]2020-07-07
1469second lead 4b >> 4c2020-07-07
15884a Tetramesa aciculate >> Tetramesa aciculata2020-07-07
15896b & 6c Tetramesa cylindrical >> Tetramesa cylindrica2020-07-07
1774Zannichellia >> Zanichellia2020-07-07
0569Ficus add:
4e Irregular, hairless swelling of the leaf, about equally protruding at both faces, ± a cm in diameter, often several coalesced in blister galls, usually considerably extended over leaf surface. [G]. F. microcarpa:
(Hym.) Agaonidae – Josephiella microcarpae Beardsley & Rasplus
NM. XXX; WNE. Introduced and established in Eu (Malta, Italy incl. Sicily) and N. Af (Morocco, Canary Islands); the gall midge is native to SE Asia. Beardsley & Rasplus, 2001; Rasplus et al., 2010; Mifsud et al., 2012.
xxxvThekaspora >> Thekopsora2020-07-07
02782a: Thekaspora >> Thekopsora2020-07-07
02792c: Thekaspora >> Thekopsora2020-07-07
05383b: Thekaspora >> Thekopsora2020-07-07
0689Helleborus 1a: sori or sori clearly visible in transparent pale → 4 >> or clearly transparent sori → 4 >>2020-07-07


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