Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Key to the Euura species groups

Key to the species groups within the super-genus Euura

Based on Liston, Heibo, Prous ao (2017a).

1a Gall closed => 2
1b Gall open => 4

2a Gall in a shoot, bud, petiole or midrib : amerinae group
2b Gall in/on the leaf disk => 3

3a Gall epiphyllous, often one at each side of the midrib, mostly sausage-shaped: dolichura groep
3b Gall hypophyllous or epiphyllous, not pairwise, bean shaped: proxima group
3c Gall hypophyllous or amphigenous, not pairwise, pea or bladder shaped: viminalis group

4b Gall starts at a clear oviposition scar, within which the young larva may feed: anomaloptera group
4b Gall without an on obvious oviposition scar: oblita and piliserra groups

Last modified 30.iii.2020