Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

gallers on Colchicum

Dichotomous table for gallers on Colchicum

by Hans Roskam

1a Linear, 1–3 mm broad, up to 10 (20) mm long, spindle-shaped tapering bulges of the veins predominantly the terminal, but also other above-ground and subterranean leaf parts; at first closed, lead-grey translucent; later on irregularly splitting open, with black-brown dusting of spore balls. Often many per leaf, sometimes coalescing. Colchicum spp.: Urocystis colchici

1b Above-ground parts with local, pale-green, spongy swellings; containing many eelworms inside. C. autumnale: Ditylenchus dipsaci

Last modified 2.vii.2020