Plantparasieten van Europa

bladmineerders, gallen en schimmels

gallers on Erophila

Dichotomous table for gallers on Erophila verna

by Hans Roskam

1a On parts above ground => 2

1b Roots with ± spindle-shaped, fleshy swellings, containing masses of minute spores. Plasmodiophora brassicae

2a Malformations at surface with sori of fungus => 5

2b Malformations caused by animals => 3

3a On stems, leaves or flowers => 4

3b Fruit slightly swollen, often oblique. Containing a single larva. Unidentified beetle

4a Complete plant ± disfigured, leaves usually shorter and broader, ± arched. Inflorescence stalk stunted. Flowers stunted tuft-like, ± greened or leafy, sometimes abnormally pubescent. Cecidophyes borealis

4b Similar malformations. Aceria drabae

4c Stem at base with swelling up to 4–7 mm long and 2–4 mm thick. Containing a single white larva. Ceutorhynchus hirtulus

5a Sori expanded, consisting of branched conidiophores. Plant completely or largely stunted, sometimes excessively leafy. Leaves etiolated, pale, slightly thickened, sometimes arched spoon-like. Infected stem parts shortened, thickened, ± bent. Inflorescences and buds stunted. Hyaloperonospora erophilae

5b At the tip of the older leaves of the rosette a faint fungal down, consisting of erect, distally strongly branched conidiophores. The plant is not disfigured, and the leaves are not bleached or galled. Hyaloperonospora praecox

5c Sori compact, at first closed, glossy, porcelain-like, with mealy dusting after rupturing; short bulge-like to long expanded. On all green parts. Infected stems often distorted; inflorescences ± disfigured. Diseased flowers with conspicuously enlarged calyx and ovaries. Albugo candida

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