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leafminers, galls and fungi


(= Deuteromycota = Fungi Imperfecti).Fungi generally alternate between an asexual stage, called the anamorph, and a quite different sexual stage, the teleomorph. In many cases only one of the two stages is known, or the relation the two has not yet been established. Often the teleomorphs occurs rarely, maybe not at all. Sometimes several anamorphs belong to a single teleomorph.

Because fungal classification is based in the teleomorph, the position of the unconnected anamorphic fungi is unclear; the used to be placed in the artificial group Deuteromycetes. Presently, molecular techniques have given many Deuteromycetes a place in regular fungal classification.

The Deuteromycetes used to be divided in several equally artificial groups. They still have a practical use when it comes to identification of anamorph fung: Hyphomycetes and Coelomycetes the latter in turn divided in Melanconiales and Sphaeropsidales.

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