Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

genus Castanea

organ parasitic mode stage note taxonomic group parasite
leaf leaf spot Glomerellaceae Colletotrichum trichellum
root film Peronosporaceae Phytophthora syringae
leaf leaf spot Mycosphaerellaceae Ramularia endophylla
stem kanker Valsaceae Dendrostoma castaneum
stem kanker Valsaceae Cryptodiaporthe etrusca
stem kanker Cryphonectriacese Endothia radicalis
stem gall Nectriaceae Neonectria coccinea
stem kanker Coryneaceae Coryneum modonium
stem kanker Melanconiaceae Melanconis modonia
leaf leaf spot Sclerotiniaceae Ciborinia candolleana
leaf leaf spot Mycosphaerellaceae Mycosphaerella castaneicola
leaf leaf spot Phyllostictaceae Phyllosticta castaneae
fruit gall Ceratosotomataceae Acrospeira mirabilis
root film Xylariaceae Dematophora necatrix
systemic film Peronosporaceae Phytophthora cactorum
stem kanker Xylariaceae Biscogniauxia mediterranea
root film Plectosphaerellaceae Verticillium albo-atrum
root film Plectosphaerellaceae Verticillium dahliae
leaf leaf spot Tubakiacee Tubakia dryina
root film Peronosporaceae Phytophthora cryptogea
stem down Nectriaceae Fusarium oxysporum
systemic film Peronosporaceae Phytophthora cambivora
stem kanker Nectriaceae Nectria cinnabarina
root film Peronosporaceae Phytophthora cinnamomi
root macro fungus Rhizinaceae Rhizina undulata
leaf leaf spot Dothideomycetes Asteromella maculiformis
fruit vagrant Pyralidae Apomyelois ceratoniae
stem gall Diaporthales Cryphonectria parasitica
leaf vagrant adult Curculionidae Polydrusus bardus
fruit vagrant doubtful Lygaeidae Arocatus longiceps
leaf vagrant Pentatomidae Apodiphus amygdali
leaf vagrant Sphingidae Mimas tiliae
leaf vagrant Limacodidae Apoda limacodes
leaf vagrant Geometridae Apocheima hispidaria
leaf vagrant Geometridae Agriopis leucophaearia
stem borer Cerambycidae Trichoferus campestris
stem borer Cerambycidae Cerambyx scopolii
stem borer Cerambycidae Parmena unifasciata
leaf vagrant Noctuidae Orthosia gothica
stem borer Cerambycidae Cerambyx cerdo
leaf leaf spot Dothideales Stromatoseptoria castaneicola
leaf vagrant Nolidae Pseudoips prasinana
leaf vagrant Noctuidae Colocasia coryli
leaf vagrant Lasiocampidae Malacosoma neustria
leaf vagrant doubtful Erebidae Catocala sponsa
leaf vagrant Erebidae Catocala promissa
leaf vagrant Notodontidae Phalera bucephala
leaf vagrant Geometridae Biston betularia
leaf vagrant Geometridae Phigalia pilosaria
leaf vagrant Geometridae Operophtera brumata
leaf vagrant Geometridae Hydrelia sylvata
leaf vagrant Geometridae Erannis defoliaria
leaf hidden Crambidae Agrotera nemoralis
stem borer Curculionidae Platypus cylindrus
unknown unknown doubtful Gelechiidae Teleiodes flavimaculella
stem borer Buprestidae Anthaxia scylla
stem borer Buprestidae Chrysobothris affinis
stem borer Buprestidae Agrilus biguttatus
stem borer Buprestidae Agrilus sulcicollis
stem borer Buprestidae Agrilus graminis
stem borer Buprestidae Agrilus olivicolor
stem borer Buprestidae Agrilus viridis
stem borer Buprestidae Nalanda fulgidicollis
stem borer Buprestidae Agrilus obscuricollis
stem borer Buprestidae Anthaxia thalassophila
stem borer Buprestidae Eurythyrea quercus
stem borer Buprestidae Anthaxia millefolii
stem borer Buprestidae Anthaxia umbellatarum
stem borer Buprestidae Agrilus angustulus
stem borer Buprestidae Agrilus laticornis
stem borer Buprestidae Acmaeodera pilosellae
stem borer Buprestidae Acmaeoderella flavofasciata
stem borer Buprestidae Acmaeoderella adspersula
stem borer Buprestidae Anthaxia manca
stem borer Buprestidae Coraebus florentinus
stem borer Buprestidae Coraebus undatus
stem borer Buprestidae Anthaxia salicis
stem borer Buprestidae Agrilus hastulifer
leaf vagrant adult Curculionidae Brachyderes pubescens
leaf vagrant Cicadellidae Arboridia erecta
leaf vagrant Cicadellidae Arboridia parvula
stem vagrant adult Aphrophoridae Aphrophora alni
leaf vagrant Cicadellidae Arboridia spathulata
leaf vagrant Cicadellidae Alebra albostriella
fruit borer Drosophilidae Chymomyza amoena
leaf vagrant Cicadellidae Alebra viridis
leaf vagrant Cicadellidae Fagocyba cruenta
leaf vagrant Cicadellidae Alebra wahlbergi
leaf miner Bucculatricidae Bucculatrix demaryella
stem borer Curculionidae Scolytus rugulosus
stem borer Curculionidae Liparthrum curtum
stem borer Curculionidae Liparthrum mandibulare
stem borer Curculionidae Xyleborus monographus
stem borer Curculionidae Cyclorhipidion bodoanus
stem borer Curculionidae Taphrorychus villifrons
stem borer Curculionidae Xyleborus dryographus
stem borer Curculionidae Scolytus mali
stem borer Curculionidae Hypothenemus eruditus
stem borer Curculionidae Dryocoetes villosus
stem borer Curculionidae Scolytus intricatus
stem borer Curculionidae Trypodendron domesticum
stem borer Curculionidae Xyleborinus saxesenii
stem borer Curculionidae Xylosandrus germanus
stem borer Curculionidae Xyleborus dispar
leaf vagrant Tetranychidae Eotetranychus tiliarium
leaf vagrant Tetranychidae Panonychus ulmi
leaf vagrant doubtful Phlaeothripidae Liothrips pragensis
leaf vagrant Thripidae Thrips major
flower hidden Thripidae Thrips flavus
stem gall Diaporthales Diplodina castaneae
leaf hidden Peleopodidae Carcina quercana
leaf hidden Tortricidae Ancylis mitterbacheriana
stem scale Diaspididae Targionia vitis
stem scale Diaspididae Diaspidiotus wuenni
stem scale Diaspididae Diaspidiotus lenticularis
stem scale Eriococcidae Acanthococcus roboris
leaf hidden Gelechiidae Teleiodes wagae
leaf hidden Gelechiidae Teleiodes luculella
fruit borer Tortricidae Pammene fasciana
fruit borer Tortricidae Pammene castanicola
leaf hidden Tortricidae Archips xylosteana
leaf vagrant Tingidae Stephanitis pyri
fruit borer Tortricidae Cydia fagiglandana
fruit borer Tortricidae Cydia splendana
fruit borer doubtful Tortricidae Cydia pomonella
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Phyllocoptes castaneae
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Acaricalus elegans
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Aculus breviseta
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Aculus longisetus
leaf vagrant Diptilomiopidae Rhyncaphytoptus castaneae
leaf leaf spot rarely Dothideales Pseudodidymella fagi
fruit borer rarely Pyralidae Nephopterix angustella
stem borer Elachistidae Dystebenna stephensi
fruit borer Tortricidae Cydia amplana
fruit borer larva Curculionidae Curculio elephas
fruit borer larva rarely Curculionidae Curculio propinquus
leaf gall larva Rhynchitidae Byctiscus betulae
leaf gall larva Rhynchitidae Deporaus betulae
leaf vagrant adult rarely Attelabidae Attelabus nitens
leaf gall larva rarely Attelabidae Attelabus nitens
leaf scale Aleyrodidae Trialeurodes vaporariorum
leaf scale Aleyrodidae Pealius quercus
stem scale Pseudococcidae Phenacoccus aceris
leaf vagrant rarely Tingidae Corythucha arcuata
stem scale Coccidae Parthenolecanium corni
stem scale Coccidae Parthenolecanium rufulum
stem scale Diaspididae Chionaspis lepineyi
stem borer Sesiidae Synanthedon vespiformis
leaf scale Coccidae Pulvinaria hydrangeae
stem gall Aphididae Lachnus pallipes
stem miner rarely Nepticulidae Zimmermannia longicaudella
leaf vagrant doubtful Aphididae Myzocallis komareki
leaf bud gall Cynipidae Dryocosmus kuriphilus
leaf down rarely Erysiphales Erysiphe alphitoides
leaf down Erysiphales Phyllactinia roboris
leaf gall rarely Cecidomyiidae Mikiola cristata
leaf miner Bucculatricidae Bucculatrix ulmella
leaf miner Coleophoridae Coleophora anatipenella
leaf miner Coleophoridae Coleophora flavipennella
leaf miner Coleophoridae Coleophora lutipennella
leaf miner Coleophoridae Coleophora violacea
leaf miner Eriocraniidae Dyseriocrania subpurpurella
leaf miner Gracillariidae Caloptilia alchimiella
leaf miner Gracillariidae Caloptilia robustella
leaf miner Gracillariidae Phyllonorycter messaniella
leaf miner rarely Gracillariidae Povolnya leucapennella
leaf miner Incurvariidae Incurvaria masculella
leaf miner Nepticulidae Stigmella basiguttella
leaf miner Nepticulidae Stigmella samiatella
leaf miner rarely Nepticulidae Ectoedemia albifasciella
leaf miner Nepticulidae Ectoedemia heringi
leaf miner rarely Tenthredinidae Profenusa pygmaea
leaf miner Tischeriidae Tischeria decidua
stem gall rarely Loranthaceae Loranthus europaeus
stem gall Santalaceae Viscum album
stem miner Gracillariidae Spulerina simploniella
stem vagrant Aphididae Stomaphis quercus
stem vagrant Aphididae Lachnus roboris
leaf vagrant main Aphididae Myzocallis castanicola
systemic vagrant Aphididae Thelaxes suberi


the part of the plant that most conspicuously is hit by the parasite

all buds: both flower buds and leaf buds
flower: also inflorescence
leaf: also needle, phyllodium, petiole
leaf bud: also unfolding young leaf
fruit: also seed
root: also root stock, runners
root collar: also the lowest part of the stem
stem: also culm, the lower part of the peduncle, in grasses also leaf sheath
systemic: the entire above-ground plant.


borer: larva living internally, almost no outwards signs
down: 0.5-2 mm high fungal down
film: very thin cover of fungal tussue
gall: swelling and/or malformation
grazer: feeding at the outside of the plant
leaf spot: discoloured, often ± necrotic, generally not galled, sign of a fungus infection
miner-borer: larve initially makes a mine, lives as a borer later
pustule: plug of fungal tissue, generally brown-black and < 2 mm
stripe: longitudinal line of fungal tissue in a grass leaf
vagrant: (aphids, mites) living freely on the plant, at higher densitiy causing malformations.


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The host plant spectre of a parasite is rarely known exhaustively; this applies in particular at the species level. It is advisable therefore to check at least also the list of all parasites of this genus.


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