Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

genus Juglans

organ parasitic mode stage note taxonomic group parasite
stem scale Coccidae Neopulvinaria innumerabilis
stem pustule Nectriaceae Fusarium avenaceum
leaf leaf spot Didymellaceae Ascochyta juglandis
stem pustule Diaporthaceae Phomopsis juglandina
stem kanker Nectriaceae Fusarium lateritium
root film Ceratobasidiaceae Rhizoctonia solani
root film Ceratocystidaceae Thielaviopsis thielavioides
leaf leaf spot Ascomycota incertae sedis Cryptosporium nigrum
leaf leaf spot Xylariaceae Sphaeria juglandina
stem kanker Pezizomycotina Cytosporina nigromaculans
fruit pustule Mycosphaerellaceae Rhabdospora epicarpii
stem kanker Nectriaceae Nectria cinnabarina
root film Peronosporaceae Phytophthora cinnamomi
root film Xylariaceae Dematophora necatrix
systemic film Peronosporaceae Phytophthora cambivora
stem kanker Xylariaceae Biscogniauxia mediterranea
stem kanker Juglanconidaceae Juglanconis appendiculata
stem kanker Juglanconidaceae Juglanconis juglandina
leaf leaf spot Glomerellaceae Colletotrichum gloeosporioides
stem scale Diaspididae Lepidosaphes malicola
stem scale Coccidae Anapulvinaria pistaciae
fruit vagrant Pyralidae Apomyelois ceratoniae
stem borer Cossidae Zeuzera pyrina
predator Miridae Campyloneura virgula
leaf vagrant Miridae Phytocoris seidenstueckeri
predator Anthocoridae Anthocoris nemoralis
leaf vagrant Miridae Linoceraea lunigera
leaf vagrant Pentatomidae Carpocoris fuscispinus
stem vagrant Pentatomidae Palomena prasina
leaf vagrant Pentatomidae Apodiphus amygdali
predator Anthocoridae Orius majusculus
predator Miridae Deraeocoris lutescens
leaf vagrant adult Curculionidae Phyllobius oblongus
leaf vagrant adult Curculionidae Phyllobius pilicornis
leaf vagrant adult Curculionidae Otiorhynchus multipunctatus
leaf vagrant Thripidae Retithrips syriacus
stem borer Buprestidae Dicerca konstantinoui
leaf vagrant Sphingidae Mimas tiliae
leaf vagrant Limacodidae Apoda limacodes
leaf vagrant Tenuipalpidae Brevipalpus sayedi
systemic vagrant Tenuipalpidae Brevipalpus phoenicis
leaf vagrant Erebidae Hyphantria cunea
stem borer Cerambycidae Cerambyx scopolii
stem borer Cerambycidae Parmena balteus
stem borer rarely Cerambycidae Cerambyx cerdo
stem borer Cerambycidae Parmena unifasciata
stem borer Cerambycidae Trichoferus campestris
stem borer Cerambycidae Oberea linearis
leaf vagrant Geometridae Colotois pennaria
leaf hidden Tortricidae Archips rosana
leaf vagrant doubtful Geometridae Lomaspilis marginata
leaf vagrant Geometridae Biston betularia
leaf vagrant Geometridae Erannis defoliaria
leaf vagrant Geometridae Parectropis similaria
leaf vagrant Geometridae Operophtera brumata
stem borer Cossidae Cossus cossus
stem borer Curculionidae Hylesinus toranio
stem borer Curculionidae Platypus cylindrus
stem borer Buprestidae Dicerca alni
stem borer Buprestidae Acmaeoderella flavofasciata
stem borer Buprestidae Anthaxia sponsa
stem borer Buprestidae Acmaeodera pilosellae
stem borer Buprestidae Chrysobothris leonhardi
stem borer Buprestidae Chrysobothris affinis
stem borer Buprestidae Agrilus angustulus
stem borer Buprestidae Agrilus hastulifer
leaf vagrant Ricaniidae Ricania hedenborgi
leaf vagrant Cicadellidae Fagocyba cruenta
leaf vagrant Delphacidae Kelisia ribauti
leaf vagrant Delphacidae Kelisia sulcata
leaf vagrant Cicadellidae Megamelus notulus
leaf vagrant doubtful Delphacidae Javesella discolor
leaf vagrant doubtful Aphrophoridae Neophilaenus lineatus
leaf vagrant Cicadellidae Orientus ishidae
leaf vagrant Cicadellidae Zyginidia pullula
fruit borer Drosophilidae Chymomyza amoena
stem borer Curculionidae Trypodendron domesticum
stem borer Curculionidae Lymantor aceris
stem borer Curculionidae Dryocoetes himalayensis
stem borer Curculionidae Hylesinus fraxini
stem borer Curculionidae Xyleborus monographus
stem borer Curculionidae Scolytus intricatus
stem borer Curculionidae Pityophthorus juglandis
stem borer Curculionidae Xyleborinus saxesenii
stem borer Curculionidae Xylosandrus germanus
stem borer Curculionidae Xyleborus dispar
stem borer Siricidae Tremex fuscicornis
stem vagrant Flatidae Metcalfa pruinosa
leaf miner Heliozelidae Coptodisca juglandiella
stem scale Pseudococcidae Phenacoccus aceris
stem scale Diaspididae Diaspidiotus perniciosus
leaf vagrant Tingidae Stephanitis pyri
leaf hidden Tortricidae Archips xylosteana
fruit borer rarely Tortricidae Cydia splendana
fruit borer doubtful Tortricidae Cydia pomonella
stem gall Hypocreales Neonectria ditissima
leaf vagrant Tenuipalpidae Brevipalpus obovatus
leaf vagrant Diptilomiopidae Apodiptacus cordiformis
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Shevtchenkella juglandis
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Aculus arzakanensis
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Aculus fascigrans
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Aculus juglandis
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Aculus pulaviensis
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Aculus marinkovici
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Aculus nigrus
fruit borer Tortricidae Cydia amplana
leaf scale Aleyrodidae Aleuroclava aucubae
stem vagrant Aphididae Stomaphis quercus
leaf gall Eriophyidae Aceria brachytarsus
stem scale Diaspididae Lepidosaphes ulmi
stem scale Diaspididae Lepidosaphes conchiformis
stem scale Coccidae Eulecanium tiliae
stem borer Sesiidae Synanthedon vespiformis
leaf vagrant Tenuipalpidae Cenopalpus pulcher
stem vagrant Aphididae Stomaphis juglandis
root collar vagrant Aphididae Stomaphis wojciechowskii
fruit gall Tephritidae Rhagoletis completa
leaf down Microstromatales Pseudomicrostroma juglandis
leaf gall Eriophyidae Aceria erinea
leaf gall Eriophyidae Aceria tristriata
leaf gall Eriophyidae Aceria avanensis
leaf miner Gracillariidae Caloptilia roscipennella
leaf miner Heliozelidae Coptodisca lucifluella
leaf vagrant Aphididae Chromaphis juglandicola
leaf vagrant Aphididae Panaphis juglandis
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Aculops unguiculatus
leaf vagrant Eriophyidae Phyllocoptes juglandivagrans
stem borer Cerambycidae Oberea linearis
stem scale Diaspididae Epidiaspis leperii
stem gall Santalaceae Viscum album
stem vagrant Aphididae Aphis craccivora
stem scale Coccidae Parthenolecanium corni
leaf vagrant Aphididae Aphis spiraecola
leaf leaf spot Diaporthales Ophiognomonia leptostyla


the part of the plant that most conspicuously is hit by the parasite

all buds: both flower buds and leaf buds
flower: also inflorescence
leaf: also needle, phyllodium, petiole
leaf bud: also unfolding young leaf
fruit: also seed
root: also root stock, runners
root collar: also the lowest part of the stem
stem: also culm, the lower part of the peduncle, in grasses also leaf sheath
systemic: the entire above-ground plant.


borer: larva living internally, almost no outwards signs
down: 0.5-2 mm high fungal down
film: very thin cover of fungal tussue
gall: swelling and/or malformation
grazer: feeding at the outside of the plant
leaf spot: discoloured, often ± necrotic, generally not galled, sign of a fungus infection
miner-borer: larve initially makes a mine, lives as a borer later
pustule: plug of fungal tissue, generally brown-black and < 2 mm
stripe: longitudinal line of fungal tissue in a grass leaf
vagrant: (aphids, mites) living freely on the plant, at higher densitiy causing malformations.


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The host plant spectre of a parasite is rarely known exhaustively; this applies in particular at the species level. It is advisable therefore to check at least also the list of all parasites of this genus.


Last modified 29.i.2023