Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

gallers on genus Conringia

Dichotomous table for gallers on Conringia orientalis

by Hans Roskam

1a On above-ground parts => 3

1b On roots or on root collar => 2

2a Main- or side roots with conspicuous, spindle-shaped to acuminated, cylindrical, succulent, compact swellings. Plasmodiophora brassicae

2b Up to 5 mm long, ± globular, one-chambered swelling on root collar. Containing a single larva. Ceutorhynchus assimilis

3a Malformation with white felt-like down of branched conidiophores on surface. Diseased leaf blade parts yellow-green, ± slightly bulging; completely infected leaves conspicuously deflected, spoon-like; leaf blade ± reduced and thickened. Stem occasionally stunted in the area developing the inflorescence, curved in case of one-sided infestation. Peronospora conringiae

3b At first closed glossy, porcelain-like, later on rupturing and with mealy dusting, rotund to oblong-oval pads. Leaf blades with ± many, locally rounded swellings on underside. Leaves, often stunted shoots and young fruits with conspicuous, ± expanded, often curved bulges. Many parts of more severely diseased flowers, especially calyx and ovaries, conspicuously enlarged and distorted. Albugo candida

Last modified 17.xi.2023