Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Cistus salviifolius

sage-leaved rock-rose, salvia cistus, gallipoli rose

synonym: Cistus salvifolius

organ parasitic mode stage note taxonomic group parasite
flower predator Aeolothripidae Aeolothrips collaris
flower hidden Thripidae Chirothrips manicatus
leaf vagrant Geometridae Chemerina caliginearia
leaf miner Crinopterygidae Crinopteryx familiella
leaf vagrant Noctuidae Noctua comes
leaf vagrant rarely Miridae Phytocoris flammula
seeds vagrant Lygaeidae Notochilus ferrugineus
seeds vagrant Lygaeidae Raglius tristis
leaf vagrant Miridae Pachyxyphus lineellus
leaf vagrant Miridae Malacotes mulsanti
leaf vagrant Erebidae Grammodes bifasciata
leaf vagrant Noctuidae Aporophyla nigra
leaf vagrant Erebidae Ophiusa tirhaca
leaf vagrant Noctuidae Acronicta auricoma
leaf vagrant Notodontidae Thaumetopoea herculeana
leaf vagrant Erebidae Orgyia trigotephras
leaf vagrant Lasiocampidae Streblote panda
leaf vagrant Lasiocampidae Psilogaster loti
leaf vagrant Geometridae Crocallis tusciaria
leaf vagrant Erebidae Artimelia latreillei
leaf vagrant Geometridae Cyclophora puppillaria
leaf vagrant doubtful Geometridae Rhoptria asperaria
leaf vagrant Erebidae Coscinia cribraria
leaf vagrant Lycaenidae Callophrys rubi
flower borer Gelechiidae Oxypteryx helotella
root borer Buprestidae Agrilus elegans
fruit borer Chrysomelidae Bruchidius biguttatus
leaf vagrant adult Rhynchitidae Auletobius pubescens
root scale Eriococcidae Rhizococcus istresianus
fruit borer Gelechiidae Mesophleps corsicella
leaf hidden Gelechiidae Neotelphusa cisti
leaf hidden Scythrididae Scythris cistorum
fruit borer Pyralidae Acrobasis obliqua
leaf vagrant Pyralidae Acrobasis bithynella
leaf vagrant Pterophoridae Stangeia siceliota
leaf hidden Gelechiidae Anacampsis scintillella
leaf hidden Gelechiidae Dichomeris limbipunctellus
leaf hidden Tortricidae Lozotaenia cupidinana
leaf hidden Pyralidae Pempelia palumbella
leaf bud borer Gelechiidae Neotelphusa huemeri
leaf vagrant Diptilomiopidae Asetadiptacus salvifoliae
leaf scale Aleyrodidae Bemisia tabaci
stem gall Apionidae Cistapion cyanescens
leaf vagrant Aphididae Aphis lupoi
leaf vagrant Aphididae Aphis lichtensteini
stem vagrant main Aphididae Aphis cisticola
flower gall Apionidae Phrissotrichum tubiferum
leaf down Erysiphales Leveillula taurica
leaf down Erysiphales Oidiopsis cisti
leaf miner Chrysomelidae Dicladispa testacea
leaf miner Coleophoridae Coleophora bilineella
leaf miner Gracillariidae Triberta cistifoliella
leaf miner Nepticulidae Parafomoria cistivora
leaf miner Nepticulidae Parafomoria pseudocistivora
leaf miner Psychidae Apterona gracilis
leaf miner Psychidae Apterona helicoidella
leaf vagrant Psyllidae Lisronia varicicosta


the part of the plant that most conspicuously is hit by the parasite

all buds: both flower buds and leaf buds
flower: also inflorescence
leaf: also needle, phyllodium, petiole
leaf bud: also unfolding young leaf
fruit: also seed
root: also root stock, runners
root collar: also the lowest part of the stem
stem: also culm, the lower part of the peduncle, in grasses also leaf sheath
systemic: the entire above-ground plant.


borer: larva living internally, almost no outwards signs
down: 0.5-2 mm high fungal down
film: very thin cover of fungal tussue
gall: swelling and/or malformation
grazer: feeding at the outside of the plant
leaf spot: discoloured, often ± necrotic, generally not galled, sign of a fungus infection
miner-borer: larve initially makes a mine, lives as a borer later
pustule: plug of fungal tissue, generally brown-black and < 2 mm
stripe: longitudinal line of fungal tissue in a grass leaf
vagrant: (aphids, mites) living freely on the plant, at higher densitiy causing malformations.


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The host plant spectre of a parasite is rarely known exhaustively; this applies in particular at the species level. It is advisable therefore to check at least also the list of all parasites of this genus.


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