Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi


Alisma water-plantain

Dichotomous table for leafminers

Larvae of Chironomidae may tunnel corridors in submerged stems; these are not treated here. (Hering, 1957a, provides a key).

1aa broad corridor widening into a blotch; mine full depth, transparant; larva with chitinised head: Bagous alismatis

1b corridor from begin to end (but may form a secondary blotch), initially lower-surface, later turning upper-surface; larva a maggot: Liriomyza bryoniae

1c one or more short galleries that enter the leaf from the petiole: Hydrellia albiceps, concolor, flavicornis, mutata, viridescens

1d galls, etc => Tables for all parasites per species

Tables for all parasites per species

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