Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi


Asparagus asparagus

(For a dichotomous table for galls on Asparagus by Hans Roskam click here)

Dichotomous table for leafminers

1a long corridor in the cortex of stem or side branches => 2

1b short and fine mine in the ‘needles’ (occasionally also the finest side branches) => 3

1c galls, etc => Tables for all parasites per species

2a larva: rear spiraculum with 3 papillae: Hexomyza simplex

2b rear spiraculum with 6 papillae: Ophiomyia asparagi

3a larva: rear spiraculum spine-like: Ptochomyza asparagi

3b rear spiraculum fist-shaped: Ptochomyza asparagivora

Tables for all parasites per species

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