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leafminers, galls and fungi

Cecidophyes borealis

Cecidophyes borealis (Liro, 1940)

on Draba

Cecidophyes borealis: gall on Draba norvegica

Draba norvegica; uit Roivainen (1951a)


marginal leaf roll.

host plants

Brassicaceae, monophagous

Draba incana, nivalis, norvegica.

Records by Buhr of Draba aizoides, daurica; Erophila verna probably refer to different species.


Roivainen (1951a) considered this species synonymous with Coptophylla borealis, a causer of galls on Viola. This synonymy, which has not been accepted later on, has resulted in Buhr’s (1964b, 1965a) statement that Cecidophyes borealis induces galls on both Draba and Erophila, and Viola.


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