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Cecidophyopsis ribis

Cecidophyopsis ribis (Westwood, 1869)

black currant gall mite

on Ribes

Cecidophyopsis ribis galls

Ribes nigrum, Poland; © Arnold Grosscurt

Cecidophyopsis ribis: opened gall on Ribes nigrum

Ribes nigrum, Denmark © Simon Haarder: opened gall with mites


in April-May infected buds may contain thousands of mites. A part disperses and infects new buds, that around Augsust attain their maximal size, then die and fall off.


Grossulariaceae, narrowly monophagous

Ribes nigrum.


Cecidophyes ribis; Phytoptus, Eriophyes, ribis Nalepa, 1893.


Aprostocetus eriophyes.


the mites are noxious not only because they cause the death of many buds, but also by transmitting a virus, viz. “black currant reversion disease”.


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