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Cecidophyopsis vermiformis

Cecidophyopsis vermiformis (Nalepa, 1889)

on Betulaceae


inquiline in bud galls of Aceria tenella on hornbeam, Acalitus calycophthirus on birch, and Phytoptus avellanae on hazel. Whether the galls are partly the result of the presence of vermiformis is not entirely clear. Lightly galled buds may still unfold and result in malformed shoots with disfigured leaves, but here too the responsible species cannot be established.

Denizhan ao mention the species as an inquiline of Phytoptus avellanae only.

host plants

Betula; Carpinus; Corylus avellana.


Cecidophyes, Eriophyes, Phytoptus, vermiformis.


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