Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Aceria acroptiloni

Aceria acroptiloni Shevtchenko & Kovalev, 1974

on Cyanus, Rhaponticum


“This mite is associated with the stunting of plants and flower buds and inflorescence deformation displaying hypertrophy. Inflorescences are completely distorted becoming reniform; the outer leaflets of the spathe coarsen, becoming thickened and yellowish, with shortened tunicate appendages.” (Denizhan ao).


Aateraceae,, oligophagous

Cyanus depressus; Rhaponticum repens.

galling occurred in Rhaponticum, not in Cyanus.


ss far as known an eastern mediterranean species.


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Last modified 19.vii.2018