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Aceria anceps

Aceria anceps (Nalepa, 1892)

on Veronica

Aceria anceps galls on Veronica officinalis

Zwanenwater, 17.vii.2020 © Ruud & Betty van Middelkoop

Aceria anceps galls on Veronica officinalis



stem tips compact, stunted, all young parts of the plant disfigured, abnormally hairy. According to Skoracka ao (2005a) the mites live in the capitula.

host plants

Plantaginaceae, monophagous

Veronica alpina, austriaca subsp. teucrium, chamaedrys, fruticulosa, officinalis, pumila, serpyllifolia.


Eriophyes anceps.


see Aculus latus.


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