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Aceria carlinae

Aceria carlinae (Nalepa 1905)

on Carlina


soft, long, white hair cover on the leaves.


Asteraceae, monophagous

Carlina gummifera, ? corymbosa, ? involucrata.


Eriophyes carlinae.


the gall was described from Carlina gummifera from Sicily, and as been rediscovered on the same host plant in Malta. The same mite species caused an identical galling on what was indicated as “Carlina involucrata Poir. (syn. of Carlina corymbosa L.)”. Because, according to the
Euro+Med PlantBase, these two names concern different species, the exact host species is unclear.

Mites, strongly similar to A. carlinae and actually identified as such, found in Serbia on Carlina vulgaris did not induce galling on that plant.


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Last modified 26.vii.2018