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Aceria eucricotes

Aceria eucricotes (Nalepa, 1892)

on Lycium

Aceria eucricotes: galls on Lycium intricatum

Lycium intricatum, galls (from Houard, 1909a)

Aceria eucritotes: galls on Lycium barbarum

Lycium europaeum, Morocco, 15 km south of Casa; 2.ii.2020 © Pascal Dupuis

Aceria eucritotes: galls on Lycium barbarum



violet, generally numerous, amphigenous pocks of 2-3 mm in the leaves.

host plants

Solanaceae, monophagous

Lycium afrum, arabicum, barbarum, europaeum, intricatum.


Eriophyes eucricotes.


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Last modified 7.ii.2020