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Aceria genistae

Aceria genistae (Nalepa, 1892)

on Cytisus

Aceria genistae: galls on Cytisus proliferus

Cytisus proliferus, Canary islands, la Gomera, 12.ii.2020 © Sébastien Carbonelle

Aceria genistae: gall on Cytisus proliferus


Aceria genistae galls

Cytisus scoparius, Belgium, prov. Namur, Maizeret, 12.viii.2010 © Jean-Yves Baugnée

Aceria genistae gall


Cytisus scoparius, Reusel, detail of the indumentum

Aceria genistae galls

Another shrub, immediately next to this one, remained complete unaffected.

Aceria genistae: galls on Ulex europaeus

Ulex europaeus, galls (from Houard, 1909a)

host plants

Fabaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Cytisus aetnensis, albus, grandiflorus, proliferus, scoparius, striatus; Genista cinerea, corsica, januensis, “jimenezii”, pilosa, scorpius, tinctoria; Ulex europaeus.


Eriophyes genistae.


Xue, Han & Zhang (2015a) have redescribed this species, based on material from scotch broom. They stress that gall mites generally are confined to a much narrower range of host plants than is listed above. In that connection it is relevant that they described a new species, viz. Aceria davidmansoni, narrowly related to A. genistae and earlier confused with that species, that causes growth disturbances of the shoots in Ulex europaeus, common gorse. Admittedly from New Zealand, but common gorse has been introduced in New Zealand from Europe. See also Han, Hong & Zhang (2016a).


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