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Aceria leioprocta

Aceria leioprocta (Nalepa, 1892)

on Jacobaea, Senecio

Aceria leioprocta: galls on Jacobaea vulgaris

Jacobaea vulgaris, Naaldwijk, 19.ix.2018 © Jan Scheffers

Aceria leioprocta: galls on Jacobaea vulgaris

the entire inflorescence is infected

Aceria leioprocta: galled capitulum of Jacobaea vulgaris

detail of a galled flower head

Jacobaea, Senecio: gall on Senecio sylvaticus

Senecio sylvaticus, Belgium, prov Namur, Le Mesnil, Trou du Diable © Stéphane Claerebout


the terminal bud is arrested in its development, creating a bunch.


Asteraceae, narrowly monophagous

Jacobaea aquatica, vulgaris; Senecio sylvaticus, vulgaris.

In the literature cited, Senecio sylvaticus is not mentioned as a host plant.


Eriophyes leioproctus.


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