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Aceria nervisequa

Aceria nervisequa (Canestrini, 1891)

on Fagus

Aceria nervisequa galls; upper-surface form

Fagus sylvatica, Denekamp, lg Singraven: the less common upper-surface form of the gall

Aceria nervisequa

Fagus sylvatica, Duin- en Kruidberg: detail of the felt gall

Aceria nervisequa

more strongly magnified

Aceria nervisequa

two hairs seen from the side

Aceria nervisequa: gall on Fagus sylvatica

Fagus sylvatica, Oud Zuilen © Arnold Grosscurt

Aceria nervisequa: gall on Fagus sylvatica

underside of the same leaf: on the brown cultivar of the beech, the gall takes an unusual colour

host plants

Fagaceae, monophagous

Fagus sylvatica, x taurica.


Eriophyes nervisequus; Aceria faginea Nalepa, 1920.


? Aceria maculfer.


In the modern literature no distinction is made between the erinea that strictly follow the veins, and the more or less rounded erinea that are independent of the leaf venation. In the older literature the latter is named Aceria faginea.


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