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Aceria pistaciae

Aceria pistaciae (Nalepa, 1899)

on Pistacia

Aceria pistaciae: galls on Pistacia terebinthus

Pistacia terebinthus, galls (from Houard, 1909a)

Aceria pistaciae: old gall on Pistacia terebinthus

Pistacia terebinthus, France, dép. Bouches-du-Rhône, Les Baux-de-Provence, ii.2003 @ Sébastien Carbonelle: old vegetative gall


the inflorescence turns into a compact witches’ broom; may also develop from vegetative buds.

host plants

Anacardiaceae, monophagous

Pistacia atlantica, lentiscus, terebinthus, vera.


Eriophyes pistaciae.


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