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Eriophyes canestrinii

Eriophyes canestrinii (Nalepa, 1891)

on Buxus

Eriophyes canestrinii

Buxus sempervirens, Denmark © Simon Haarder

Eriophyes canestrinii

part of a galled bud scale


mites develop in and on the developing leaf and flower buds, that become strongly hypertrophied. The unfolded leaves are strongly disfigured. Gall not hairy.


Buxaceae, monophagous

Buxus sempervirens.


based on the variability within British material of this species, Pye & Ostojá-Starzewski conclude that the subspecies E. c. hypophyllus may not be justified; contrariwise, the Fauna Europaea (2014) consider hypopyllus a valid species. The two pictures above fully match with the description given of hypopyllus by Farkas.


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