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Eriophyes inangulis

Eriophyes inangulis Nalepa, 1919

alder vein angle gall mite

on Alnus

Eriophyes inangulis galls

Alnus glutinosa, Kekerdom

Eriophyes inangulis gall

Alnus glutinosa, Nieuwendam: upperside

Eriophyes inangulis gall

underside of a young gall

Eriophyes inangulis gall

vertical section

Eriophyes inangulis gall

horizontal section

Eriophyes inangulis: galls on Alnus glutinosa

Alnus glutinosa, Zuid-Limburg ©
Cor Zonneveld: their colour and shine make this unusual galls

Eriophyes inangulis: galls on Alnus glutinosa

the underside is as usual


Small pouches in several vein axils, ± brown, smooth and shiny above, at the underside wide open and set with many white, acute, multicellular hairs.

host plants

Betulaceae, monophagous

Alnus glutinosa, incana & subsp. rugosa, x pubescens.


Eriophyes inangulis is not the oldest name of this species. The description and plate of E. axillaris by Connold (1901) certainly does apply to it. This is true also for “Eriophyes alni Fockeu” in Tavares (1905a) but I have not been able to locate Fockeu’s original text.


It is not known whether this species, or alternatively Aceria nalepai, is the causal agent of this conspicuous gall. The other species of this pair probably is just an inquiline.


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