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Eriophyes prunispinosae

Eriophyes prunispinosae Nalepa, 1926

on Prunus

Eriophyes prunispinosae galls

Prunus spinosa, Belgium, prov. Namur, Saint-Servais, Asty-Moulin; © Jean-Yves Baugnée

Eriophyes prunispinosae gall

Prunus spinosa, Nieuwendam: upperside

Eriophyes prunispinosae gall


Eriophyes prunispinosae gall

upperside: entrance to the gall cavity

Eriophyes prunispinosae gall

transverse section

Eriophyes prunispinosae gall

the hairs within the gall are thick and blunt; the shrivel quickly and turn brown then


Rosaceae, narrowly (?) monophagous

Prunus spinosa.

According to Ripka (2007a) also P. fruticosa and mahaleb.


Eriophyes, Phytoptus, similis prunispinosae.


Redfern & Shirley (2011a) consider this species a synonym of Eriophyes similis; indeed both galls appear quite similar. However, the Fauna Europaea (2014) treats the two as separate species.


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