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Eriophyes tlaiae

Eriophyes tlaiae Trabut, 1917

on Tamarix

Eriophyes tlaiae: galls on Tamarix aphylla

Tamarix aphylla, galls; a: general aspect; b: detail of a gall; c: section through a gall (from Gerling ao).


Green, sometimes flushed with red tuberous appendices on young shoots, their size ranging from a few millimeter to 2.5 cm. When opened they are green, fleshy, with numerous cavities in containing mites. Dead galls are hard brown or black.


Tamaricaceae, monophagous

Tamarix aphylla.


The galls remain on the twigs, grow all year round, but fastest in summer. In the autumn masses of red mites (deuterogynes ?) disperse from the galls.

distribution within Europe

According to PESI, (2018), the species in not known in Europe. However, Gerling ao state that the species is known from Israƫl to Algeria, so the species may by expected at the northern shores of the Mediterranean.


Tha galls contain tannins and are so numerous that they used to be collected for the tanning industry.


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