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Stenacis triradiata

Stenacis triradiata (Nalepa, 1892)

on Salix

Stenacis triradiata gall

Salix alba, Ooijpolder

Stenacis triradiata: gall on Salix alba

Salix alba, Dronten; © Arnold Grosscurt

Stenacis triradiata: gall on Salix alba

another specimen

Stenacis triradiata gall

Salix spec., Belgium, prov. Hainaut, Mouscron © Etienne Devos

Stenacis triradiata: gall on Salix cinerea

Salix cinerea, Germany, Lohr am Main; © Arnold Grosscurt

Stenacis triradiata: gall on Salix cinerea

almost a bud gall

Stenacis triradiata gall

Salix caprea, Belgium, Antwerp, Wilrijk © Chris Snyers


Galls like these are commonly associated in the cecidological literature with Stenacis triradiata, albeit not without some hesitation, because generally several more gall mite species co-occur in the gall. Presently one supposes that a mycoplasma, rather than eriophids, is the primary causer (Pye, 2012a) of these galls, that often are addressed with the German word “Wirrzöpfe”.

host plants

Salicaceae, monophagous

Salix alba, aurita, babylonica, caprea, cinerea, x fragilis, glauca, phylicifolia, purpurea, repens & subp. rosmarinifolia, triandra


Eriophyes triradiatus.


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