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Aculus tetanothrix

Aculus tetanothrix (Nalepa, 1889)

on Salix

Aculus tetanothrix: galls on Salix aurita

Salix aurita, Schoonoord © Arnold Grosscurt

Aculus tetanothrix: galls on Salix aurita


Aculus tetanothrix galls

Salix alba, Millingerwaard

Aculus tetanothrix galls

Salix alba, Nederhorst den Berg: upper side

Aculus tetanothrix galls


the gall contains a large number of mites (sometimes even more that the picture suggests) and has a smooth, not hairy inner wall

Aculus tetanothrix: galls on Salix alba

Salix alba, Mierlo, Wolfsven; © Arnold Grosscurt

Aculus tetanothrix: galls on Salix alba

same gall, underside

Aculus tetanothrix: gall on Salix alba

Salix alba, Dronten © Arnold Grosscurt

Aculus tetanothrix galls

Salix viminalis, Millingerwaard

Aculus tetnothrix: galls on Salix phylicifolia

Salix phylicifolia, galls (from Szydło ao)

host plants

Salicaceae, monophagous

Salix alba, aurita, canariensis, caprea, cinerea, daphnoides subsp. acutifolia, eriocephala, x fragilis, glauca, herbacea, integra, lanata, lapponum, myrsinites, myrsinifolia, nummularia, pentandra, phylicifolia, purpurea, repens subsp. rosmarinifolia, serpyllifolia, sitchensis, smithiana, starkeana, triandra, viminalis.


Aceria, Eriophyes, Vasates, tetanothrix.


Darlington mentions in his booklet as a gall causer on Salix: Eriophyes marginatus Connold, 1901. The name is ignored in the catalogues by Davis ao and Amrine & Stasny, but is is used (also as “Aceria tetanothrix marginatus”) by Dauphin & Aniotsbehere and by Béguinot (2001c, 2002d,h). Probably it is one of the many forms of tetanothrix galls.


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