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Trisetacus juniperinus

Trisetacus juniperinus (Nalepa, 1911)

on Juniperus

Trisetacus juniperinus: gall on Juniperus communis

Juniperus communis (from Houard, 1908a)


Shoot tip gall. The final internodes are strongly shortened and the upper needles are swollen and widened at their base. The result is a globular gall. Also lower on the shoot a number of needles may basally swollen. In cypress trees the young shoots are swollen, excessively branching; the terminal buds are killed.

host plants

Cupressaceae, oligophagous

Cupressus sempervirens; Juniperus communis, procumbens; Platyladus (Thuja) orientalis.


Trisetacus quadrisetus juniperinus.


Redfern & Shirley (2011a) refer to a species: Trisetacus disjunctus de Lillo & Amrine 2002, with identical galls. I have found no information about this species.


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