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Phytoptus avellanae

Phytoptus avellanae Nalepa, 1889

filbert bud mite

on Corylus

Phytoptus avellanae galls

Corylus avellana, Nieuwendam

Phytoptus avellanae gall


Phytoptus avellanae: mites

Corylus avellana, Denmark © Simon Haarder: mites

Corylus avellana, Bloemendaal; transverse section

dabbing a sliced gall in a few drops of water makes the mites appear

an individual mite, ventral view

? Phytoptus avellanae galled flower bud

Corylus avellana, Flevoland, Reve-Abbertbos © Hans Jonkman

? Phytoptus avellanae galled flower bud

the gall has developed into female flowers and a male catkin, both abortive.

Phytoptus avellanae gall

A section through a gall shows that the elements are covered by small warts caused by the mites. Surprisingly, the mites themselves have disappeared already (March 17)

Phytoptus avellanae: giant gall on Corylus maxima

Corylus maxima, Belgium, Bruxelles, square Ambiorix © Sébastien Carbonnelle: exceptionally large gall. The identity of the mites has been confirmed by Philipp Chetverikov.

host plants

Betulaceae, monophagous

Corylus americana, avellana, colurna, maxima.


Eriophyes, Phytocoptella, avellanae.


Cecidophyopsis vermivormis.

Two predators may be found in the galls as well, viz the larvae of the gall midge Arthrocnodax coryligallarum and those of a chalcid, Aprostocetus eriophyes (Rouzes ao, 2014a).


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