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Phytoptus tetratrichus

Phytoptus tetratrichus (Nalepa, 1890)

on Tilia

Phytoptus tetratrichus on Tilia tomentosa

Tilia tomentosa, Hungary, Budapest, 28.v.2021 © László Érsek

Phytoptus tetratrichus on Tilia tomentosa


Phytoptus tetratrichus on Tilia tomentosa

galled leaf, underside

Phytoptus tetratrichus on Tilia tomentosa

section through a gall

Phytoptus tetratrichus: epiphyllous erinea on Tilia tomentosa

Tilia tomentosa, Schiedam, 7.v.2014 © Ben van As

Phytoptus tetratrichus galls

Tilia tomentosa, France, Rhône-Alpes, Haute-Savoie, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, 8.vii.2011 © Arnold Grosscurt

Phytoptus tetratrichus galls

underside of the leaf

Phytoptus tetratrichus galls

reddish brown spots at the underside of the leaf correspond with erinea at the upper side

Phytoptus tetratrichus

Tilia tomentosa, Hollandsche Rading: upper side

Phytoptus tetratrichus


Phytoptus tetratrichus

underside, detail

Phytoptus tetratrichus: gall on Tilia sp.

Tilia sp., Germany, Bavaria, Lengfurt am Main, © Arnold Grosscurt


Only the deuterogyne stage causes galls, that differ according to the hostplant: narrow rolls of the leaf margin in Tilia cordata and cordata x americana, small wart-like galls at the upper surface, and small round erinea at the underside of the leaf in T. tomentosa, irregular finger-like galls at either side of the leaf in T. americana.



Tilia americana, cordata, x flavescens, tomentosa.

Emphatically not mentioned from T. platypyhllos by Soika.

Mentioned by Houard also from T. x europa, “platyphyllos subsp. cordifolia”.


Phytocoptella tetratrichus

Upper surface, wart-like galls, at the underside covered by an erineum, are attributed to Phytoptus abnormis Garman, 1883 in the Dutch cecidological literature, to Ph. erinotes (Nalepa, 1918) by the British. Probably this is incorrect, and must these galls too be attributed to tetratrichus.


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