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Fragariocoptes setiger

Fragariocoptes setiger (Nalepa, 1894)

on Fragaria

Fragariocoptes setiger on Fragaria viridis

Fragaria viridis, Germany, Halle (Saale), Bad Kösen, © Gerrit Öhm

Fragariocoptes setiger on Fragaria viridis


Fragariocoptes setiger on Fragaria viridis

galls locally crowded

Fragariocoptes setiger

mitee, lateral view (from Chetverikov & Sukhareva)


epiphyllous, up to 1.5 mm large, red, usually hairy, basally constricted pustules with a narrow opening at the underside.

host plants

Rosaceae, monophagous

Fragaria moschata, vesca, viridis.


Phyllocoptes, Sierraphytoptus, setiger.


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