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Steneotarsonemus spirifex

Steneotarsonemus spirifex (Marchal, 1902)

on grasses

Steneotarsonemus spirifex: gall on Avena sativa

Avena sativa (from Houard, 1908a)

Steneotarsonemus cf. spirifex on Hordeum vulgare

Hordeum vulgare, Hardenberg, Baalderes © Arnold Grossurt

cf Steneotarsonemus hordei gall on Hordeum vulgare

Hordeum vulgare, Loenen (Ge) © Arnold Grosscurt


Within the leaf sheath the stem is spiralled like a corkscrew over some centimeters, and covered seemingly by flour, in fact mites that, contrary to gall midges, have 4 pairs of feet.


Poaceae, oligophagous

Aira; Avena sativa; Lolium perenne; Triticum aestivum.


Tarsonemus spirifex.


it seems that in the literature S. spirifex is not associated with barley; perhaps the pictures above concern a related tarsonemid, like Steneotarsonemus hordei Emmanouel & Smiley, 1985 (cf Smiley, Flechtmann & Ochoa).


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