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Obdulia spec.

Obdulia spec.

on Tamarix

Obdulia spec. malformations

outgrowth caused by the mite; a: branch with galls; b: section through a galled brach; c: mites in the space between wood and bark (from Gerding ao).

Obdulia spec. galls on Tamarix aphylla

Tamarix aphylla, Upper Egypt, El Kab, winter 2017/2018 © Maria Fremlin

Obdulia spec. gall on Tamarix aphylla



Bark outgrowths, up to cm in size, both shoots as thin as 1-2 cm as very heave branches, caused by masses of mites living under the bark.

host plants

Tamaricaceae, monophagous

Tamarix aphylla, nilotica.


Found in Israël, probably occurring elsewhere as well.


Gerling, Kugler & Lupo (1976a).

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